Welcome to Sonora blog!

Hello! Welcome to the new site and the new Sonora blog! We are very pleased to announce this site to you, which we’ve been thinking and planning with great affection. We want this to be another space to multiply and strengthen a network of women composers, artists, musicians, writers and producers around the world.

In addition to using the blog to spread & praise Sonora, we have separated this small space to develop a blog! We will use this space to promote projects, songs, records and music videos, but also to exchange a lot of ideas about female music!

Our new website was developed by the beloved programmer and designer Paula Oliveira – who is also a producer of Sonora Buenos Aires. And I, Carolina Barin, will be the editor responsible for curating and content here on the blog. We have the doors and the inbox open to receive suggestions of guidelines, ideas, work releases and texts to be published here! Just contact us by email sonorafestival.news@gmail.com