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Sonora 2017

In 2017 there was a significant expansion of the Sonora network with the accession of more countries, totaling 15 countries and 62 cities.

The festival received greater recognition and affirmed itself as a reference initiative in women’s empowerment. New partnerships and collaborations were established with actions that already existed, in addition to watching with great joy the reverberation of the idea, which gave rise to new work teams and independent projects, all in the same direction.


Sonora 2016

Sonora was born international! In its first year, approximately 200 composers took up stage in 6 countries: Brazil, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Argentina and Uruguay.

There were 20 cities in total, where a strong network of women appeared to collaborate to change the female reality in music. The events were news in many media, bringing a warm and interested audience in all editions.