SONORA originated in the hashtag #mulherescriando (#womencreating), which was an initiative of the musician Deh Mussulini to break the imagination that there are few women composers, that is, women who create their sound art.

With a great repercussion, some composers scattered throughout Brazil talked about the idea of ​​making a festival, which today we call Sonora: Deh Mussulini, Flávia Ellen, Amorina and Bia Nogueira (Belo Horizonte), Ana Luisa Barral (Salvador), LaBaq (São Paulo) , Ilessi (Rio de Janeiro) and Isabella Bretz (BH, Lisbon and Dublin).

Since then, other women have been joining us and aggregating ideas and initiatives. Today we are a huge network spread throughout the world.

The festival purpose is to give visibility, promote and legitimize the presence of the woman composer, empowering her artistically, professionally and economically.

Many composers sing, play and arrange their own songs, but they do not have recognition and space in the musical environment. On Sonora stages there are already established artists and beginners, exchanging experiences and strengthening, mainly, each local scene in which the event is inserted.

Sonora operates through a network of local producers that are located in each city where the events take place and are connected and organized by a General Coordination composed of a multidisciplinary team of women in Brazil and in the world. To contact the general coordination: sonorageral@gmail.com